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TOM’s Smart Pantry – Study Case

By November 1, 2022July 24th, 2023Case Study


Managing inventory is hard and finding a good inventory management software can be even harder. Not only do you need to have resources which is a massive challenge for everyone right now but the biggest challenge by far is having an integrated system to utilise that information in other ways.


Smart Pantry was created to help hospitality businesses proactively manage inventory and quickly order required items in less time.

Tailored Pantry Lists

This feature talks and share information with Suppliers’ ERP systems developed by TOM which ensure item availabilities, prices and changes are up to date.

Suppliers/wholesalers can upload pantry lists complete with images to enhance the user experience. This ensures that venues understand what they are purchasing and reduces the margin for error, in turn, simplifying the ordering process for your wholesale food business.

Tech stack:

  • React & .Net
  • Azure Web Services
  • Figma

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