Placely is a no-code platform that empowers anyone to build their collection of places and share their picks to earn in the new way.

Placely creates networks and enable and support the exchange of information, content and enhance interactions between foodies and businesses

Problems worth solving

People reported that it usually takes them about 20 minutes to find somewhere to eat, and more for travel locations.

74% of customers feel frustrated when online content is not personalised, 66% of them will not make a purchase.

Fake online reviews cost $152 billion a year.

More than 50% of consumers are willing to share information on products they like in order to get personalised discounts

How it works

Discover: Explore the world around with recommended place-list from trusted sources (friends, & families, local gurus and experts)

Build: The easy way to create beautiful, custom Collections with maps to share with everyone. No code required.

Share: Sharing the best picks where they had a good time, and help Placely becomes a new way to discover the best places in town

Earn: Earn points for every valuable contributions. Level up and unlock greater perks, including access to exclusive experiences. Dedicated features for KOLs & KOCs to reward, retain and welcome new members to their communities

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Tech Stack

iOS native Swift,  Firebase, CosmoDB, Algolia, GraphQL, Apollo, Google Analytics, Mixpanel