Sony A7R M2 First Impressions

By August 24, 2015 Thoughts

It was exciting to receive the new highly anticipated Sony Alpha A7R Mark 2 with massive 42mp Backside Illuminated Sensor.

I will provide more reviews of the camera later after return from a wedding shoot next week.

Here are something I instantly notice:

  • The new body does add significant extra weight. However the better grip design provides good support while shooting.
  • Dialing wheels function smoother than my A7
  • Shutters are significantly less noisy and with silent shooting you can’t even hear a thing.
  • AF are very fast and accurate.
  • If you have Sony A-mount lenses (like the 24-70mm 2.8 CZ) and would like to benefit from 399 AF point system, you will need the LA-EA3 adapter, which is discontinued and not on sale any more in Australia. I have to buy from BHphoto for upcoming wedding shoot.
    Why not LA-EA4? Because it uses it own AF mechanism rather than the camera new system so you will only see same AF points as you would find in a A7 or A7r. Also it worth noting that using LA-EA4 reduce lights input but approximately 1/3 stops
  • ISO performances are good. I used to own several Sony’s cameras such as the A350, A700, A99, A7 this is the first time I was satisfied with Sony’s camera noise performance (excluding the ISO monster A7s). ISO performance is good up to 32000 and then you’ll need to start paying attentions.

For now, please enjoy some photos straight out of the camera and the camera itself.

Sony A7RM2 and Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art

Straight out the camera, exported via Lightroom

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